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Keith Gaboury earned a MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. His poems have appeared in such literary publications as Poetry Quarterly, New Millennium Writings, and the San Francisco Public Library’s Poem of the Day Series. The Pedestrian Press published Oakland, I’m Not Dead in 2020, Finishing Line Press published The Boy Born with a Pinhole Heart in 2022, Kelsay Books published The Cosmos is Alive in 2023, and Still Human is forthcoming from Falkenberg Press in 2024. He’s also a preschool teacher, a proud bibliophile, and the president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club. Keith lives in Oakland, California. 
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Still Human

Still Human is a surrealistic poetry collection that explores gender, sexuality, and human identity. Along with illustrations that poetically complement certain poems, the collection views the world through a surrealistic lens. In order to discover a place in one’s town, city, and country, the poems dive into the dichotomy between urban and rural, male and female, animal and human.  


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“These poems probe human and animal bodies in all their messy and glorious fleshiness and dig down to the heart and soul and the marrow of our lives. Many are grounded within the urban landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area, reflecting the vibrant life still calling the locale home.”

Cristina Deptula

Upcoming Events

July 27

Reading at the Edge: A Beast Crawl Event

1955 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612 United States
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

In Leg 2 of Beast Crawl, come on out to Block Community Hub (1955 Broadway, Oakland, CA) for “Reading at the Edge.” Current members of CWC-Berkeley will read poetry / […]

August 27

Poetry Workshop

850 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133 United States
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Read, write and share poems with the North Beach Poets Society. Participate in invigorating discussions, writing prompts and share recommendations from Beat classics to contemporary trailblazers. Come be a part […]

Read The Cosmos is Alive and experience the thrill a mind like Gaboury’s milking cosmic strangeness can summon.

Tom Daley, author of House You Cannot Reach

The Cosmos Is Alive

Still Human is a boundary-defying romp—visceral, disturbing, surreal, full of animals and erasures, personified body parts, gritty imaginary confessions, and unsettling innuendo.

Hollie Hardy, author of How to Take a Bullet And Other Survival Poems

Still Human

Anyone who has ever read Keith Gaboury knows that he’ll meet you any day on the corner of Weird and Absurd with the Monk of Real Life meditating in the intersection.

Richard Loranger, author of Unit of Agency

Oakland, I'm Not Dead

The Writers Club

Founded over 100 years ago, the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club is the founding Branch of the statewide Club that comprises 22 Branches with around 2000 members spread across America.
Fueled by the guiding motto of "writers helping writers," the Berkeley Branch offers writers of every genre a supporting and encouraging community. As the current president, I steer the metaphorical ship that hosts workshops on writing craft and marketing, literary readings, an Author Support Group, socializing and networking events, and a monthly Speaker Series where a speaker gives a presentation on a subject focused to help writers grow. 
If you want to join a community fused by a love of language, join the Berkeley Branch. You'll be welcomed into a community who will all applaud when you pick up your pen and begin anew. Click the image below to join.

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