Write a Blurb / Review for Your Poetry Book

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Write a Blurb / review for Your Poetry Book

If a press recently accepted your poetry collection, I'd be thrilled to write a 50 - 150 word blurb that would appear on the back of your published book. Blurbs are an crucial part of a book's publication success. As I've asked fellow poets to write blurbs for my poetry books, I'm excited to return the favor for your poetry collection.


If you have a published poetry book, I can write a 600 - 800 word review that you can use to promote your book, such as posting on Amazon, Goodreads, and / or submitting to literary journals. As poets often have to be their own marketing team, book reviews are a crucial component to spreading the word. I'm here to help you with your promotional efforts.

About Me

I am a published author with two poetry chapbooks and a full-length poetry collection. Since 2020, Finishing Line Press released The Boy Born with a Pinhole Heart, The Pedestrian Press released Oakland, I'm Not Dead, and Kelsay Books released The Cosmos is Alive (with Still Human being released this year).


As a former poetry reader for the Eric Hoffer Book Award, an attendee of numerous literary readings / open mics, and the President of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club, I strive to champion the writings of other contemporary authors. In this way, I'm excited to continue my goal by writing poetry book reviews and blurbs.

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I've been honored to have my poetry appear in the following publications throughout the years:

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