when you drag the womb 

of your womanhood  


down the Gratification Aisle.

You pick a price-slashed clitoris


since the one Ma gave you 

got kicked in the shin 


after you and David failed 

to fuck a baby into reality 

through those hot pandemic months of 2020.


          Does that make you a failed slut?


You ought to host a slut conference 

so experts finally define 

who falls in / who falls out.


Your purchase slaps

onto the checkout counter.


A male employee 

stares back


as if he ravishes 

to cage all your unmarried orgasms. 


          Does this make you a confined slut? 


Home unlocked,

you slip your pleasure into place


when the bank calls:

Your account is terminated.


We don’t support sluts

in the twenty-first century.  


Originally published in World on Trial: The Earth’s Grand Vengeance: A Collection of Protest Poetry (2019) and forthcoming in Still Human (2024)

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